Treatment Plant Systems Available Today 

The main types of Home Sewerage Treatment Plants (HSTPs) available today are……


1. Septic (untreated) systems

appropriate where owner does not want regular servicing : remote location with limited power/ water supplies ....these black water (toilet effluent)  and grey water(kitchen (from grease trap) / laundry / bathroom effluent) are still able to be used today....however both the black water and grey water have to be discharged either absorption beds or evapotranspiration-absorption beds with turf or grass cover... 
For these systems to be implemented.......accurate on-site testing for soil permeability and soil dispersion characteristics is essential.  Also the disposal areas have to be located a minimum of 50m from bores / dams / watercourse...and the base of any beds shall be a minimum of 1.2m above a water table or bedrock. 
"Advanced Enviro Septic" system  The effluent is discharged from a septictank..and evenly distributed into specially designed 3m long 300mm diameter pipes...each pipe has an approx. storage capacity of 220 litres...and is covered with layers of synthetic media...the distribution area is grass covered and laid over a polishing leaching field. The system requires minimal maintenance and has no power requirements when gravity fed....this system is best installed in relatively permeable material...(i.e. not Light or heavy clays).  

2.  Normal HSTPs (Home Sewerage Treatment Plants)

…e.g. "Taylex",“Aquanova”, "Krystel Kleer","OzzieKleenEarthsafe" ...etc…all treat up to 10 EP….i.e. up to a 6 bedroom residence…..

These all require 3 monthly servicing….with somebody visiting the property and charging approx $ 270 - $ 300 per year….
Effluent can be discharged on the surface..(except in some councils...e.g. Brisbane City)..enabling 100% recycling / watering lawns/ shrubs etc.....edge of surface irrigation shall be a minimum of 10m from residences....and ***30m from bores, dams and watercourses, 2m from boundaries and driveways, 6m from in-ground potable water tanks ...and a minimum of 0.6m above ground water or bedrock

*** Some treatment plant manufacturers have an "advanced" model....enabling effluent to be discharged 10m from edge of bores/ dams/watercourses.......but not all councils allow Edwards & Associates for clarification.

3.   Composting toilets

appropriate where owner does not want regular servicing : remote location with limited power/ water supplies e.g. "Nature Loo", "Clivus Multrum" or "Rota Loo"..thesesystems all compost toilet waste with no water requirement. A small trench is required to absoprb any excess liquids from system.

4.   Worm type composting toilets

appropriate where owner does not want regular servicing : remote location with limited power/ water supplies e.g. "A&A  Wormfarms  have to be allunderground…discharged into either absorption beds, evapotranspiration-absorption beds with turf or grass cover...or mound systems. "Aquaclarus"have produced organic systems that utilise worms, natural bugs and  bacteria with ultra violet treatment as final disinfection..and may be surface irrigated through gardens.    


4.  Passive sand filter systems and filter systems

appropriate where owner does not want regular servicing ..e.g. remote location....Ecosafe” “Envirotech”, "Epsom" Filtration system and“Natureflow"  systems……… These begin as a septic tank….so no regularservicing….then discharge into a sealed sand filled bed….approx 1.8 mdeep…and with an approximate surface area of 15 - 20m2…….The effluent may be utilized on the surface so 100% recycling is available…i.e. watering lawns / gardens etc….Only annual servicing at best….approx $ 170.00 / year. These systems cost more at the start…but can be worth it over a period of time. The beds have a guaranteed working life of 15 years….Ihave never had anyone complain about their system…..There is a lot of these type of systems installed around South East Queensland ……on your travels you will see (e.g) “Ecosafe” signs on lawns…you could simply ask any owner what do they   think….for a truly unbiased opinion….
Another filter system is "Advantex....a recirculating textile packed bed filter system that uses hanging sheets of synthetic textile media..Aerobicbacteria break down the organics and produce secondary quality or advanced secondary quality effluent....with sub-surface or surface effluent disposal.  Pump is only run intermittently...low power requirement. 


5. There are currently seven types of treatment systems registered as Advanced Secondary quality  with nutrient removal 

 these systems are important in councils such as Scenic Rim Regional....who do not allow effluent disposal within 30m of bores / dams and watercourses....unless there is some sort of nutrient reduction in the effluent quality.  

a) Taylex DMS system  cost-effective domestic membrane system that removes nutrients by membrane filtration....regular quarterly maintenance is required. 

b) Fuji Clean CRX 1500 model:  Phosphorus removal device requires electrode replacement (however electrodes are inexpensive). 

c) H2O Pure Plus Whole of House system:  Virtually maintenance free...

d) Everhard "Aquanova NR 8 EP" system.....Regular Servicing is required.

e) "Waterboy" Home Treatment System...nutrients  removed by membrane filtration.

 f) "Earthsafe D 10 SC or SF models" with nutrient reduction  (Eco Water Holdings)

 g) "Envirocycle 10 NR" system              


For your convenience contact numbers are:  

“Biocycle”  07 5520 7620

Taylex”     07 3441 5200

 GKS Maintenance....“Aquanova” 07 5576 2033

 Quality Tanks : “KrystalKlear07 3382 7666

Septech "Turbojet" 0422483693
"Ozziekleen" 1800 450 767
Ecosafe  07 5429 5322
"AdvanTex" AX 20N..07 5549 2416

Envirotech”  0418780598

"A&A" Worm Farm system..07 5522 9686
"Clivus Multrum" composting systems  1300 138 182
Natureflow" systems :  Waterpac 1300 302 676

"AWTS" Envirocycle 1800 688 588
"Nature Loo" composting systems  07 3293 4222
"Rota Loo" composting systems 07 3397 1307
"Everhard" HSTP systems...07 3637 6444 or 131926 
"Fuji Clean"  07 4033 7300
"H2O Pure Plus" 07 3806 3087 
"Waterboy"....Magnesium Tech Pty Ltd 07 4055 1141 
" Eco Water Holdings Pty Ltd" 1800607695 or 0417 750 687 
"Advanced EnviroSeptic systems" : Action Tanks 1300 228 466
"Biotreat" Mark 4 & 6 : Peter Boyd Enterprises : 1300 304 122

"Aquaclarus" 0400220440
"Epsom" sand filter systems 07 5460 9111
"Super Treat" ToowoombaTanks:07 4634 3860 


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