Services Offered 

1.   A complete appraisal of the potential for sustainable on-site effluent disposal on your property..

in accordance with the relevant Australian standard
AS/NZS 1547 : 2012 "On-Site domestic wastewater managment"  
and in accordance with your local Council policies on effluent disposal. 

Work carried out includes 
1. Iniitial client liason outlining project expectations....costs etc.  
2. Desk top study identifying typical soils / geology / landscapes / infrastructure..e.g disposal envelopes etc..and potential environmental effects of on-site effluent disposal.  
3. Site visit with on-site augering / logging / sampling for emerson analysis and Constant -Head permeability testing.
4. Issuing report suitable for council approval. 

Field Testing_Augering_03 04 2014
 Augering / sampling in potential effluent disposal area