A. Advanced Greywater treatment systems capable of internal re-use and general watering around the house.

2) "Nubian GT600" Greywater Treatment System

Nubian Water Systems introduces the latest technology in greywater recycling with its new age slimline treatment unit.
The system can be installed beside your house, requiring no excavation or disruption to your garden. It is as easy to install as a hot water system or other household appliance.  

Key Distinguishing Features 

 Treated water meets 10:10:10 requirements for indoor reuse (where allowed) and for above ground sprinklers.
 No odours.
 Modular, neat, attractive appearance, small footprint.
 Easy to Install.
 Above ground installation.
 No owner intervention required.
 Automatic, continuous process.
 Chemical free process.

The Nubian GT600 greywater treatment system is housed in lightweight slimline units....

The system is capable of treating up to 12 people.
The treatment process if continours and chemical free. The treated water is clear and there are no odours from the system. The treated water can be stored indefinitely.
Processing is automatic and no intervention by the owner of the system is required. The system treats greywater at the rate of one (1) litre per minute and can process up to 1200 litres per day.

The system treats the greywater in three ways:

 1. Solids separation removes lint and other coarse material to prevent blockage and fouling
 of the system.
 2. Water flows through a bed of proprietary media in the processor. Contaminant removal is achieved through filtration, adsorption and biological treatment. 
 3. Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection completes the treatment process before the treated water is stored for recycling.

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