A. Advanced Greywater treatment systems capable of internal re-use and general watering around the house. 

1) "Ozzikleen GTS 10"

Finally..householders can genuinely re-cycle domestic greywater back into the house and spray safely around the garden.

The Ozzikleen greywater treatment system (GTS10) is one of the first greywater treatment systems for the urban environment (those connected to town sewerage infrastructure) to finally reclaim laundry, bath and shower (grey) water which was once lost down the drain. 
This system treats greywater only, making it reusable for watering gardens and lawns etc around the house.

The Ozzikleen Greywater treatment system is not a diversion system it actually TREATS the greywater to a high quality, which is safe and can be reused around the home. The Ozzikleen GTS10 tank is not affected by the acidity of sewage. Polythene materials are often used to store hazardous chemicals.

The Ozzikleen GTS10 is manufactured under a high quality controlled programme to ensure a high quality product time after time.
This quality is illustrated by the following Standard marks

Australian Standard  AS/NZS 1546

.1 Lic SMKB20032